Vicar Samantha Rossi (Left) – Pastor Jeniffer Tillman (Right)
A New Parish is Born
West Central Rensselaer County Lutheran Parish

In March 2017 St. Timothy’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of North Greenbush and Trinity Lutheran Church of West Sand Lake consolidated after about 2 years of planning to form one congregation.  We are now known as the West Central Rensselaer County Lutheran Parish located at 470 Winter Street Extention in North Greenbush.

In March Vicar Samantha Rossi started to serve our parish.  She has been and is currently presiding at worship services and attends seminary at Philadelphia Seminary.  In September, Pastor Jeniffer will join the parish as our Mission Developer.  Both Vicar Samantha and Pastor Jeniffer will share leading worship during the month.  When Pastor Jeniffer is not leading services, she will be out in the community assessing its needs.

A Mission Developer’s role is different than a traditional Pastor for a parish.  A mission developer has many roles and responsibilities in a new congregation.  First and foremost, mission developers are to spend 50% of their time out in the community sharing Jesus, building relationships and partnerships, and equipping leaders to be out in the community to do the same.  This means that in the beginning,they may not be at worship every week as they explore the community to discover what people do on Sunday mornings (where they gather, why they gather, and sharing Jesus with them).  Alongside this community work the mission developer will help the parish discover its identity and purpose in God’s mission.  This will include Bible studies, gifts discovery and other small and large group conversation.   A mission developer’s job is to nurture a community of faith that is focused on living out God’s mission in their daily lives, not simply survival of one specific congregation.

Both our Mission Developer and Vicar have a vast amount of experience in Listening to God and delivering a different type of message of God’s Word.

We worship on Sunday at 10 AM.  During worship, we offer a day care with a childcare worker that has gone through a background check.  Come and share God’s Amazing Love during the worship service and plan on staying to meet our staff and congregation.

2018 Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School will run from Monday, July 30 – Friday, August 3 from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. On Friday we have the Big Camp Social when we share with our families the songs and lessons we have learned. We’re adding a skit to this year’s VBS! Of course, there are always ice cream sundaes!

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