Our packing project at the Regional Food Bank continues the first Saturday of each month.  The time commitment is 10 am til noon one day a month.  The Regional Food Bank is a clearing warehouse for all the food pantries in the northeast.  Food purchases and donations come into the warehouse, then they are sorted, packed in cardboard boxes by the volunteers.  Next step is to load them onto tractor trailer trucks for delivery to the food pantries.  The end user goes to a pantry in their area and receives the benefits of this generous program.
Our second “God’s Work, Our Hands” national Lutheran outreach project began in 2013.  The committee agreed that we were being called to bring the Word of God to others that could not join us at church.  The second Sunday of each month a small, but dedicated group from the Parish go to Eddy Hawthorne Ridge Memory Residence.  We visit with the residents, listen to their story and tell them our story.  This is a very fulfilling project that has reaped many rewards for both the resident and team members.  We are the presence of God in that space on that Sunday.


Concerns U is a project of Catholic Charities.  It is a food pantry that serves many citizens in the Rensselaer area.  The Parish has collected non-perishable items every Sunday for a number of years.  These are then delivered to the food pantry by various church members.  The Parish also participates in special collections, such as, Back To School supplies, Specific food to supplement children’s lunches when school not in session, we also join with their effort to distribute over 300 Holiday Food Baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  It is easy to throw money at a problem, but it takes real commitment to shop for the items, bring them to church and then assist in the delivery.

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